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4 Things CMOs can learn from Silicon Valley Startups

4 Things CMOs can learn from Silicon Valley Startups 780 441 nMerge

@nMerge partner @BrandMakerEN provides four insights that CMO’s and senior marketers can learn from Silicon Valley Startups.

Great insights are hidden in unusual places, and CMOs who are constantly learning will benefit from finding them. Looking to Silicon Valley startups, we’ve uncovered the 4 basic concepts that are fueling incredible growth and rapid brand awareness in this age of digital marketing. Companies like Facebook, DropBox, Yammer, and Apple Computer know these secrets well. Download your copy of this complimentary Executive eBrief and you’ll learn them too.

Move Beyond Complexity with Agile Teamwork

Silicon Valley startups work in small, tight-knit teams against short project timelines of a longer term roadmap, emphasizing the opportunity to disrupt a market.

Which are Better? First Movers or Fast Followers?

Once they break through and establish a rabid fanbase, the startup can scale at triple-digit rates and create a dominant if not unassailable position in the category.

“Competing in the age of digital marketing seems effortless for some Silicon Valley startups. CMOs should learn the 4 basic practices employed by startups and apply them to corporations at all stages to achieve competitive strength and business growth.” Mirko Holzer, CEO BrandMaker.

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