About us

nMerge is a professional services company delivering consulting, business case development and project delivery services specialising in business strategy marketing & digital business transformation.

Pronounced as enmerge, ‘n’ is the mathematical construct to represent variability or the unknown and ‘merge’ is the capability to draw disparate or diametrically opposed concepts together to synthesize a relevant strategic outcome. Essentially making the unknown, known and actionable, we work closely with our clients to join the dots and clarify the path forward. Our name is heavily influenced by the work of Henry Mintzberg on emergent strategy and classification of the different schools of thought and application.

The founders of nMerge see a gap in how technology is delivered. Particularly how technology can enable marketing and sales teams to drive tangible benefits from creation to delivery whilst continually optimizing through a scientific approach. This can be confusing territory for companies due to channel explosion, higher volumes of communication and a need to focus on rapidly changing customer preferences. Our primary objective is to demystify this field by working with our clients to integrate their marketing activities into technology enabled core business processes. This creates value by consolidating process and creating a consistent brand experience whilst allowing for control and agility.